Aquos Sharp SHL23 Hard Reset (Factory Reset)

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Aquos Sharp SHL23 Hard Reset Introduction:

Hello Guys! Today I will share with you some great information about Aquos Sharp Mobiles. Today I will show you how you can Reset (Hard Reset, Factory Reset) your Aquos Sharp SHL23 mobile.

Resetting any android mobile is too much easy but when it comes to Aquos Sharp mobile, then I will say it’s difficult because resetting (Factory Reset) of Aquos mobiles is different and not easy like another mobile.

We normally do Hard Reset (factory reset) our mobile if it has any issue, ex, Logo hangs, hangs after little use, Forgot Pattern, Forgot Password, etc.

Lets Start!

First of all, Turn off your mobile and charge it at least 50 percent.
After that Press and hold Power-button and after 1-second press and hold also the Volume-up sign on a mobile screen.

(Aquos Sharp SHL23 has a volume button sign on screen if you are using another model then press and hold the volume-up button).

By doing this mobile will vibrate and the logo will appear, still press and hold until the mobile starts vibrating again, when your mobile starts vibrating 2nd time now you have to remove your finger from the Volume-up sign, and after that press the power button 5 times.

Now, wait a little time.
A new page will appear on your mobile with two options. 1st Reboot and 2nd Factory Reset.

Now press the volume down sign on your mobile screen to the factory reset.
Select factory reset with the power button. (press and hold for 3 seconds)
By doing this a new page will open, and you will see also two options there, 1stCancle and 2nd OK.

Now again press the volume down sign on your mobile screen to select OK.
Select OK with the power button. (Press and hold for 3 seconds)
The Factory Reset process will start. now you just have to wait for 10 minutes to complete all processes.
That’s it.

I will also link a video down below that how I did a hard reset of Aquos Sharp SHL23 mobile.
This video is from my YouTube channel, You can visit my YouTube channel for more unlocking and flashing videos.
My Youtube channel link is:     Click Here



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