How To Create a New User Account on Windows

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How To Create a New User Account on Windows just in a minute:

In this article, we’re gonna see How to create a new user account on windows. So to create a new user account just click on the “Start” Option and after that open “Settings”. Here you have to go to “Accounts” and after that go to “Family and other users”.

Now click on the “Add Someone Else to this PC”. I want to create a user account without a Microsoft account. So let’s click on the “I dont have this person sign-in information” now again click on the “Add a user without a Microsoft Account”.

Here you have to give a username and password for your account. I am going to enter my details next you need to give a secret question for resetting your password. Once you have done this click “Next” and as you can see our new user account has been created.

So to log into the new account just click the “Start” Option and after that click on the “User Account”. Select the “New User” account which you have created and it will take you to the login page. Here enter the password you set for the account

As you can see we have got a new account so that’s it guys this is how you can create a new user account on windows. Hope you enjoyed this article. You can also check out my site for more interesting information.

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