How To Create a Sitemap Page in Blogger

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Create a Sitemap Page in Blogger:

Hello Everyone! Today I will share with you some great information about blogging. I will show you how to create a Sitemap page in blogger. A Sitemap page is also known as HTML Sitemap Page and it’s very important for our website.

On this page, I am going to give you full information about the sitemap page and I will also provide you with the coding to create the Sitemap page for your blogger website. I will provide you with the different types of coding to create many types of Sitemap pages.

HTML Sitemap Page Benefits:

There are many benefits of creating a sitemap page. HTML Sitemap page is a separate page on your website and whenever you post an article or post your sitemap page will show it directly. If anyone wants to check your all posts or articles just on one page so they can visit the Sitemap page directly.

The most important benefit is HTML Sitemap has a full record of your all posts and articles on a single page that’s why your articles and posts will index too fast. Whenever a google bot comes to your website to crawl your post or article and also find the internal or external link they also visit there and crawl the article or post. So now just imagine if the google bot visits your Sitemap page then what will happen?

Whenever a Google bot visits your HTML Sitemap Page they will see all links to your posts and articles. They will visit all posts and articles and will crawl them. If the google bot crawls your posts and article so there are more chances of indexing your posts and articles. This is the biggest benefit of creating an HTML Sitemap Page on your website.

How To Create Sitemap Page in Blogger:

Creating a Sitemap page in blogger is very simple and easy you just have to follow my instructions. First of all download the Sitemap page coding from down below link. After that go to the download folder on your PC and extract the downloaded file.

You will get three (3) types of coding inside. It means you can choose which one you like. With the help of that coding, you can create a complete Sitemap page. Just copy the code which one you like after that go to your blogger dashboard.

Now click on the Pages section and after that click on add new page. Now you have to convert the page layout to the HTML view and after that paste the coding that you copied before. After that click on save and now your Sitemap page is created.

You can add this page to the main menu or footer menu. I also uploaded a video on my Youtube channel about this process you can also watch that video for a better understanding. I will add the link down below. Dont forget to like and subscribe. Afridi Tech

Click here to Watch the Youtube video

You have to wait 50 seconds.

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