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How To Enable IMEI Option in CM2MTK:

Hello everyone! Today I will share with you some more information about Infinity CM2 Dongle.I already shared too much information with you, but every single day I am getting more questions from you and I am trying to solve that.I had received many messages and comments from my Subscribers and followers about the IMEI option in Infinity CM2 Dongle.


My Subscribers and followers asked me to create a video and an article to show how we can enable the IMEI option in CM2MTK.

I already created a video and uploaded it to that My YouTube channel, I will link that video down below to make it easier for you.

Enabling the IMEI option in CM2MTK is easy, you just have to follow my instructions.

First of all, Click Here to get the latest version of Dongle Manager. Click Here
After downloading the Dongle Manager you have to extract that, because this file comes in a zip file, you must extract it before use, you can use WinZip or Winrar to extract it.

After extracting the Dongle Manager open the folder and Run Dongle Manager.
Before you run the dongle manager make sure that you have already inserted your Infinity CM2 Dongle into your PC.

After launching the Dongle Manager you will see there four tabs, You have to click on the Second tab “Serial Number”. And then click on “UK Edition of”
Check the picture down below:

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Now close the Dongle Manager Remove your infinity CM2 Dongle from your PC and insert it back.

After that run CM2MTK, Now you will see the IMEI option in the “Security” tab.
Now You can Repair your mobile devices IMEI easily.

You can also check My Youtube video down below for a better understanding.
Also, visit my YouTube channel for more interesting videos.
My YouTube channel link is::: Click Here


You have to wait 50 seconds.

Dongle Manager Latest Version

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