How To Enable IMEI Option in Infinity-Box Best2 | Nokia Mobiles

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How To Enable IMEI Option in Infinity-Box Best2:

Hello Everyone! Today I will share with you some extra and important information about Infinity-Box Best2 Nokia. Here on this page, I will show you how you can enable the IMEI option in Infinity-Box Best2 Nokia in a simple way.

Infinity-Box Best2 Nokia Tool is a great tool for Nokia mobiles. Infinity-Box Best2 Nokia Tool helps you to upgrade and downgrade your Nokia mobiles.

Infinity-Box Best2 Nokia Tool also helps you to remove Screen-lock, Password, and many other locks from your mobile devices.

If you are facing any issues related to IMEI on your Nokia mobiles, then you have to use Infinity-Box Best2 Nokia Tool, because Infinity-Box Best2 Nokia Tool will solve all of your IMEI issues in a minute.

I wrote too many articles about Infinity-Box Best2 Nokia Tool, you can find those articles in the “Firmware Tools” tab, but after installation, you will not see any IMEI option in this tool.

For that, you have to do some extra settings. Don’t worry it’s easy, just follow my instructions,
You will see two links down below, just click on both links and save both files to your PC. These files come in a zip format, you will need WinZip or WinRAR to extract that.
After extracting, open the extracted folder, on the first folder you will get Dongle Manager and in the Second folder, you will get the file. First of all, Connect your Infinity-Box Best Dongle to your PC, and Now Launch the Dongle Manager Setup and Off the UK edition, After that close the dongle manager. Now open the second folder Copy the file and paste it into the Infinity-Box Best2 File Location folder.
I already uploaded a video on my Youtube channel about that, I will link that video also down below, watch that video carefully, watch it fully, and don’t skip it for better understanding.
You can also visit my Youtube channel for more unlocking and flashing videos.
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