How To Remove Copyright From Blogger Website

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Remove Copyright From Blogger Website:

Hello Everyone! Today I will share some more awesome information about bloggers. I will show you how to remove the footer copyright from your blogger website. Whenever we create a website we always want a great and responsive template for our website, for that we are using custom templates, and whenever we use custom templates we always get the copyright sections in that templates.

If your website has a copyright section and it’s not yours then it looks very bad, for that everybody trying to remove that copyright and use their own copyright section. But if you go to the layout, there is no edit option to remove that.

For that, you have to add some coding to your themes section. The coding and the complete process will know in this article. Hope you will like it. So let’s get started.

How To Remove The Footer Copyright from Blogger Website?

Removing or editing the footer copyright on the blogger website is very simple and easy you just have to follow my instructions. First of all download the coding from down below link. After that go to the download folder on your PC and open the downloaded file in notepad.

Now change the Website Name and Website URL and press CTRL+S. After that copy all coding. Now you have to go to the blogger dashboard and click on the Themes section after that click on edit theme.

Before you click on the edit theme make sure you already have a backup of your website if you don’t have then you must take a backup first. After opening the theme area now you have to press CTRL+F and type the container row in the search box and hit Enter.

By doing this you will be redirected to the container row now you have to hit enter after that container row to make an empty line and there you will Paste the coding that you Copied before. After that, 3 or maybe 4 lines down below you will see </div>. Go there and make an empty line again and type </div>. After that click o save theme. That’s it.

I already uploaded a video on my youtube channel about this all process, I will add that video also down below, watch that video carefully for better understanding. You can also visit my Youtube channel for more interesting videos. My Youtube channel link is::: Afridi Tech

Remove Copyright Youtube Video

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