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IFT Multi Tool Introduction:

Hello Everyone! Today I will share with you a great and awesome tool for your Android mobiles and tablets. This great tool is called IFT Multi-Tool. IFT Multi-Tool is an unlocking tool for Qualcomm and Mediatek chipset mobiles and tablets.

IFT Multi-Tool helps you to unlock your Qualcomm and MediaTek chipset android mobiles and tablets. You can remove screen-lock, pattern-lock, passwords, pin-code, and other locks from your android mobiles.

IFT Multi-Tool also allows you to format your user data from your Qualcomm and mediate chipset devices.

With the help of IFT Multi-Tool, you can easily bypass FRP Lock from your mobile and tablets that have Qualcomm and Mediatek chipsets. FRP means Factory Reset Protection and it’s also known as Google account lock.

I already uploaded a video on my youtube channel about this tool, I will link that video also down below, watch that video carefully, watch it fully, and don’t skip it for better understanding.
You can also visit my Youtube channel for more flashing and unlocking videos and tools, My Youtube channel link is::: Click Here
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