Infinity Dongle CM2SP2 Latest Version Free Download

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Infinity Dongle CM2SP2 Latest Version:

Today, Here on this page we are going to discuss one great and awesome Spreadtrum firmware Tool.
This firmware tool is called Infinity Dongle CM2SP2.
Infinity Dongle CM2SP2 is a tool in which you can unlock all kinds of spreadtrum chipset mobile devices very easily.
There are many tools in which you can unlock spreadtrum chipset mobile devices but Inifinity Dongle is the most powerful and unique firmware tool.
Almost 60 to 70 percent of users use CM2SP2 to unlock their spreadtrum mobile Devices.

Infinity Dongle CM2SP2 Features:

Infinity Dongle CP2SP2 has many features but some of them I will write down below.
CM2SP2 allows you to unlock all kinds of Screen Lock, Privacy Lock, Passwords, Face Lock, Pattern, Pin Code, and many other locks,
Infinity CM2SP2 also allows you to remove or bypass your mobile device FRP (Factory Reset Protection).
You can also Repair your mobile device IMEI Just with one click.
You can download the file setup from the below link.

Supported Version of Android Devices:

Infinity CM2SP2 Supports:
  • Android Version 8
  • Android Version 9
  • Android Version 10
  • Android Version 11 and Higher
Note: For lower versions, you have to use Infinity Dongle CM2SPD.
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