Itel A661L FRP Bypass CM2

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Itel A661L FRP Bypass CM2 SP2 | Itel A49 FRP Bypass CM2 SP2:

Hello Everyone! Today I will share with you Itel A661L FRP Bypass CM2 information. I will show you that how you can reset the frp lock on your Itel A661 mobile. Itel A661L mobile is also known as Itel A49 that’s why I mention both names.

Removing the FRP lock on Itel A49 is very easy with the help of CM2. CM2 is a great tool and we will use the CM2SP2 tool to remove that frp lock. I will write the full detail down below and I will also link a video that I already uploaded on my Youtube channel about it.

How To Remove the frp lock on Itel A661L:

Removing or bypassing the frp lock on your Itel A661L mobile is very easy you just have to follow my instructions. First of all, launch the CM2SP2 on your PC after that click the “Platform” tab. Now Click on “CPU Platform” and select “SC9832E_Base”. Then click on the “Model Type” and select SC9832E_eMMC_2GB_1S. i also added a pic down below.

Capture 1 File FRP Bypass

After that click on the “Service tab” and select “Reset FRP” and then click on the “Format FS”. Check down the below pic.

Capture1 1 File FRP Bypass

Now you have to turn off your mobile. After that press and hold the both volume keys and connect your mobile with PC. The process will stat and it will take up to 2 or 3 minutes. After that your mobile will restrat by itself. now disconnect your mobile from PC and that’s it.

Itel A661L FRP Bypass CM2 Process Detail:

Card found : A0421583 , v0153
Infinity-Box Chinese Miracle II : SPD/USC Module [SP2] v2.14

Load IDBase v8331 Ok!

Operation : Format FS / Reset Settings [ v2.14 ]
Mode : Reset FRP
BootMode : FLASH

  1. Power off device, wait 10-15 seconds
  2. Press and hold BooKey ( 1 : BOTH VOL , 2 : VOL+ , 3 : VOL- )
  3. Insert cable in device!

Wait for device …

Device Connected!
BootVersion : SPRD3
Boot : INF : 0_SC9832E_BASE : SC9832E_eMMC_2GB_1S
Sending Init Boot …
Boot sent!
Kick FDL …
BootVersion : Spreadtrum Boot Block version 1.1
Protocol setup …
Port speed : 921600
Sending Flash Boot …
Boot sent!
FDL : 0x0008
FDL : EMMC_RO : False ; EMMC_PART : True ; EMMC_RPMB_SET : False
FDL : RAW : 0x0002
FDL : FLH : 0x400000
FDL : Control transfered!

Boot Done!

Wipe Ok : FRP

Reconnect Power/Cable!

Elapsed: 00:00:41

Click here to get the CM2SP2 Tool

Click here to watch the Youtube video

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