Jazz Digit 4G Bold Unlock New Method

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Jazz Digit 4G Bold Unlock:

Today I will share with you some great and wonderful information about Jazz Digit 4G Bold mobiles. On this page, I will show you Jazz Digit 4G Bold Unlock with the help of CM2MT2.

Jazz Digit 4G Bold is a great mobile nowadays and it has too many great features that another keypad mobile doesn’t have, You can use Youtube, WhatsApp, Browser, Facebook, and many other platforms.

Jazz Digit 4G Bold mobile has a 1700 mah rechargeable battery. Jazz Digit 4G Bold mobile comes with 4GB built-in memory and 512MB RAM. Jazz Digit 4G mobile can support up to 32GB of SD card.

Jazz digit 4g bold mobile has 1.3GHz Dual-Core processor MediaTek.
On this device, you will get two cameras (Front and Back). You can also connect your mobile with WIFI and you can share your own internet as a Hotspot with another.

How to Unlock Jazz Digit 4G Bold:

Unlocking and flashing your Jazz Digit 4G Bold mobile is very simple, you just have to follow my instruction. You can remove Pin-lock, password, and any other lock with this method very easily.

First of all, click on the down below link and save the Jazz Digit 4G Bold Preloader file to your PC, We will need this preloader file later.

After that Launch your CM2MT2 Tool and make the same settings as I did in the down below pic.

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In the 4th option, click on “EMI” and upload the preloader file to CM2MT2 that you downloaded before.
That preloader file comes in a zip file, you will need WinZip or WinRAR to extract the preloader.

After completing these 5 options click on the “Service” tab. Now first select “Smart Reset” and after that click on the “Reset Settings/Format FS”. Check down the below picture for a better understanding.

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After that turn off your mobile and connect it to your PC. The unlocking process will start, now you just have to wait for the process to complete, After completing the process you can remove your mobile from the PC and now your mobile is fully unlocked.
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You have to wait 50 seconds.

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