Jazz Digit 4G v1, v2, v3, v4, Unlock File For Free

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Jazz Digit 4G v1, v2, v3, v4, Unlock File:

Today I will share with you some great and awesome information about Jazz Digit 4G mobiles. Today I will show you how you can unlock your Jazz Digit 4G v1, v2, v3, and v4 for all network SIMs. There are thousands of YouTubers uploading videos on youtube and showing you how they unlock their mobiles easily but they will not provide you the Unlock file for your mobile.

They will ask you for money. All unlock files are paid no one is free. But today I will share an unlock file for your Jazz Digit 4G mobile for free and you can unlock all versions with that file.

How To Unlock:

Unlocking Jazz Digit 4G v1, v2, v3, and v4 is too much easy, you just have to follow my instructions carefully.

First of all, Click on the down below link and save the unlock file to your PC. This unlock file comes in a zip file, so you must extract it before use.

You can use WinZip or Winrar to extract the unlock file. If it asks for a password while extracting contact me on my WhatsApp number I will provide the zip password for free.

After extracting you will see two folders, “Auth Bypass” and “Unlock File”.
First, open the “Auth Bypass” folder and launch auth Setup, click on bypass, and now you have to connect your mobile to your PC.
Remove your mobile battery and insert it back now press the 0 Button of your mobile and connect your mobile with a PC with the help of a USB cable. By doing this some processes will start in Auth bypass tool and it will finish in 5 seconds again.
Now you have to Launch the Unlock file, For that go to unlock folder and double click on the unlock file.
It will take 10 to 20 seconds to launch, after launching the unlock file setup you have to enter any key from your PC Keyboard. Just press any key from your keyboard and the process will start automatically because your mobile is already connected to your PC. Now you just have to wait for the process to complete, this process will take up to 5 minutes to complete.

After completing the process you can disconnect your mobile device from your PC and now you can use any network SIM.
I already uploaded a video on my Youtube channel about Jazz Digit 4G (v1, v2, v3, v4). I will link that video also here down below.
Watch the video carefully, Watch it fully, and Don’t skip it for better understanding.
You can also visit my Youtube channel for more flashing and unlocking videos.
My Youtube channel link is::: Click Here
You have to wait 50 seconds.

Wait for the timer to Generate a link

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