Jazz WIFI Device MF673 M10 Unlock All versions for All Network SIM

Jazz%2BWIFI%2BDevice%2BMF673%2BM10%2BUnlock%2BFor%2BAll%2BNetwork%2BSIM File FRP Bypass

Jazz WIFI Device MF673 M10 Unlock:

Today I will share with you how you can unlock your Jazz WIFI Device MF673 M10 all versions for all Network SIMs.
You will find many files on the internet to unlock your device but those kinds of files and methods only work for some versions here with this method and with this file you can unlock all versions.
You can Unlock your device for all network SIMs with this file.
After flashing your device with this file you can use Telenor, Jazz, Warid, Zong, or Ufone in Pakistan and if you belong from another country you can also use your own country SIM.
How Its Work ???
First of all click on the below link and get the file.
After that Extract it on your PC.
If ask password, Contact me on my WhatsApp number. (No Charges)
After extracting, and opening the folder you will see 4 folders inside that.
Folder NO 1: Drivers
Folder No 2: Step 1
Folder No 3: Step 2
Folder No 4: Step 3
Open the driver’s folder and extract all drivers and install it.
After that open the step 1 folder, You will see 1 file inside that.
Now Take your WIFI device and reboot it into Fast Boot Mode.
(For Fast Boot Mode ::: Remove battery insert back and Press WPS and Power Key Together).
Now Connect your WIFI with a PC in Fast Boot Mode with the help of a USB Cable.
Now Run the file in the Step 1 folder.
Now you can see that your Wifi is turned OFF automatically, Don’t turn it ON now.
Now open the Step 2 folder and run the file.
After doing that a new window will open and it will ask for the PORT Number.
Remove the battery from your WIFI device and with SIM Jacket you will see 2 test points, Joint those 2 test points together and connect the cable Don’t Insert the battery.
Now go to Manage on your PC.
You will see there Port No.
Type that Port No into the step 2 file that you run before.
The process will start it will take 5 mins just wait.
Now it will show waiting for the device
Now remove the cable from your wifi and insert the battery.
Press WPS and Power Key together and your device will reboot into Fast Boot Mode.
Now connect your Wifi with your PC.
The process will start automatically, wait again.
After the process is complete remove your wifi and close the step 2 file.
Now come to 3rd and Last Steps.
Open the Step 3 folder you will see 3 files inside that folder.
First of all, restart your Wifi and connect with the PC in Normal Mode.
Run No:1 file, it will start the process and then it will stop, (don’t close it)
Now Run the No:2 file, it will run also. (don’t close it).
Now run the No:3 file, it will start the process Lil bit then it will show msg “Waiting for Device” now remove Wifi and connect it in Fast Boot Mode again.
(For Fast Boot Mode ::: Press WPS and Power key Together).
By doing this unlock process will start and it will take almost 5 Minutes after that your Wifi will restart and Now you can use any Network SIM in your WIFI.
Enjoy Unlocking.
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