Nubia Red Magic 6 Review

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Nubia Red Magic 6 Introduction:

Nubia is one of the enormous three gaming telephone creators, with its Red Magic reach rivaling Xiaomi’s Black Shark and Asus’ ROG Phone lines, and the Red Magic 6 is the third-gen gaming telephone from the organization (that’s right, regardless of that number 6 in the name).

Dispatched close by a Pro model which has a couple of little contrasts (like an inside cooling framework), the Red Magic 6 is Nubia’s 2021 gaming telephone, and it ought to be a competitor for the title of best gaming telephone – yet it probably won’t arrive for several reasons.

The Nubia Red Magic 6 marks all the cases you’d expect of a gaming telephone: it has an incredible processor and a lot of RAM, a Game Space mode to further develop handling speeds further, and a variety of radio wires and speakers.

It does an amazing job in a couple of ways as well: its haptic triggers feel awesome, and can really give you the edge when you’re gaming. Its presentation revives rate hits a high of 165Hz the most elevated on any cell phone as of dispatch, which beats the opposition with their 144Hz screens. It additionally has an inherent fan, which assists with keeping the telephone from getting too hot when you’re gaming.

Notwithstanding, there are a couple of silly programming bugs that make the telephone somewhat irritating to utilize. As far as one might be concerned, the word ‘charging’ is incorrectly spelled in the warning that springs up when you plug the telephone in. Sound from games can keep on playing in any event when you’ve shut the game down, and we additionally discovered one of the games we use to test mobiles just wouldn’t open, regardless of us uninstalling and reinstalling it.

The inner fan is likewise truly whiny, which can get irritating when you’re attempting to pay attention to strides in internet games or partake in the feel of a title. You can either wind down the fan, which makes the telephone heat up, or, as Nubia probably needs, purchase its outer fan, which keeps the handset ice cool.

Gracious, and turning on the 165Hz showcase choice is extremely confounding, as it’s stowed away. You don’t initiate it by bouncing into the Settings application, as that solitary proposal up to 144Hz, regardless of this being the manner in which you change the invigorate rate on essentially every other cell phone. All things considered, you need to go into the fast settings (swipe-down) menu, find the framerate choice, select the drop-down bolt, and afterward click 165Hz.

With all due respect, the Nubia Red Magic 6 is quite reasonable as gaming telephones go, enough so we could ignore a portion of the telephone’s irritations. It undermines the Asus ROG Phone 5 by a decent lot, and the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel, which beat our gaming telephone rankings at the hour of composing, by a huge piece. It has, individually, the equivalent and preferred internals over Asus and Lenovo’s most recent gadgets as well, so dislike you’re passing up much here.

This two-minute audit might illustrate the telephone, yet as you can see by the star rating, we can reluctantly suggest is dependent on its mid-ran cost – simply don’t anticipate a faultless, premium experience.

Nubia Red Magic 6 Price and accessibility:

The Nubia Red Magic 6 comes in a single setup, with 12GB RAM and 128GB stockpiling, and expenses $599/£509 (generally AU$850) for it – there’s likewise a Pro model for $699/£599 (generally AU$1,000) with 16GB RAM and 256GB stockpiling.

That is a genuinely minimal expense for a gaming telephone, when you consider the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel begins at £799 (generally $1,060, AU$1,440), and the Asus ROG Phone 5 expenses €799 (around $950/£685/AU$1,235). Red Magic has consistently been quite possibly the most reasonable line of gaming phone around.

You can purchase the gaming telephone on Red Magic’s worldwide store, which boats to numerous nations all throughout the planet.


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Moreover, with all gaming phones, the Nubia Red Magic 6 may be a little bit of a robust chap – it measures 169.9 x 77.2 x 9.7mm and weighs 220g, so it will be a stretch for you to use it one-gave.

On the back, the Red Magic 6 has an example very like its archetype, with the Red Magic logo, a designed decal, and a minuscule camera knock that doesn’t stand out a long way from the body. It’s a glass back, and the telephone has a metal edge.
There are two LED strips on the back, however, they’re minuscule contrasted with those on other gaming telephones.

The Red Magic 6’s ports are dissipated all around the edges – there is a USB-C port on the bottom and a 3.5mm earphone jack at the most, a volume rocker and gaming mode slider on the left edge, and a force catch and two haptic triggers on the right edge.

These triggers are among the best we’ve utilized on a gaming telephone since they feel truly normal to tap and give a little shiver to tell you the touch was enrolled. They’re additionally unintrusive, as there’s nothing physical on the telephone to tell you they’re there, not normal for the actual triggers some gaming telephones have.
The Nubia Red Magic 6 doesn’t have an IP rating, so it is best to not take it for a dip, however, it feels quite tough, so it needs to have the option to endure thumps and little drops.


The Nubia Red Magic 6 has an enormous 6.8-inch show, so there’s a lot of screenland to see your game. The front camera is housed in the top bezel, so the screen isn’t separated by any meddlesome focal point situation.

It’s an AMOLED board with a 2400 x 1080 goal and around 387 pixels for every inch. Pictures look pretty intense and splendid, and the difference is additionally incredible, which is significant as it can assist you with effectively recognizing various parts of a game initially.

The vital component here is that the showcase’s revive rate clocks up to a record-breaking high of 165Hz – at the hour of the Red Magic 6’s delivery, it’s the solitary telephone to get that high. That implies the screen revives the picture 165 times each second, contrasted with the 60Hz of your ‘standard’ cell phone, 120Hz of your exceptional telephone, and 144Hz of other gaming telephones.

Therefore, the movement feels plush when you’re looking through menus, and when messing around that helps higher invigorate rates. This high invigorate channels the battery rapidly, yet you can downsize it assuming you need, to different distinctive lower rates.

One issue we found, however, is that the capacity to enact 165Hz is very much covered up. In the event that you hop into the Display part of the Settings menu, you can turn it up to 144Hz, however, to initiate 165Hz you really need to go into the swipe-down speedy settings menu, look over to the framerate symbol, press the drop-down bolt, then, at that point select 165Hz. This is diverse on any remaining telephones, and the absence of 165Hz in the Display menu made us at first, and inaccurately, expect the telephone just went to 144Hz.

Another significant gaming spec is the touch input pace of 500Hz, so the screen filters for your finger 500 times each second (or 360 times each second in case you’re utilizing numerous fingers on the double). This is way higher than the ‘standard’ of 120Hz, and it’s incredible for gaming as it implies your responses are meant on-screen activities faster.

The telephone has an in-show unique mark scanner, which we observed to be genuinely smart, however, discovering it instinctively took a little becoming acclimated to since it’s little contrasted with the huge telephone.


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While the Nubia Red Magic 6 isn’t actually a fabulous camera telephone, you’re likely not accepting this to turn into a beginner photographic artist. There are three back cameras: a 64MP f/1.8 primary, an 8MP f/2.0 super-wide, and a 2MP f/2.4 large scale camera.

The primary camera is a mishmash, yet we were by and large content with its exhibition. Dynamic reach is reasonable, however, there were in some cases some overexposure issues with pictures. Centering was in every case speedy and genuinely exact, and snaps were 16MP as a matter of course, however, you can turn that up to 64MP for high-res snaps.
This high-res sensor allows you to zoom carefully, up to 10x, and keeping in mind that pics at this zoom aren’t extraordinary, they’re still totally usable.

Issues emerge when you attempt to utilize different cameras since ‘attempt’ is the usable word – there is certifiably not a ‘super-wide choice so you can undoubtedly leap to a more extensive field of view when you’re glancing through the viewfinder. As we discovered after times of testing, the best way to utilize this focal point is to hop into the Pro camera mode. The large scale model is close to as befuddling to start – you need to squeeze ‘Camera-Family’ to raise a major matrix of alternatives, then, at that point discover ‘Full scale’ there.

On the off chance that you can arrive, super-wide and large-scale pictures are fine. Wide pictures hold a similar shading piece of standard shots, however could be contorted around the edges. Full-scale pictures were a little low-res, and we didn’t wind up utilizing it much as the standard camera was basically the same for a similar sort of shot.

To be reasonable, there is an enormous cluster of modes in this rundown including multi-openness, time-pass, light drawing, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, so on the off chance that you love gimmicky cell phone camera modes, there’s a secret stash here. We tracked down that some were enjoyable to mess with.

The forward-looking camera has an 8MP goal and an f/2.0 gap, and that is a somewhat low goal for such a snapper. As such pictures were fine, as they were genuinely splendid, however in the event that we trimmed them at all they could look somewhat grainy. Snaps weren’t by and large dynamic all things considered.

The Nubia Red Magic 6 can record video at up to 8K, or up to 4K at 60fps – a shockingly high spec which is most likely on account of the top-end chipset. Settings like HDR or adjustment aren’t accessible at 8K however.

Performance and specs:

The Nubia Red Magic 6 has fundamentally the simplest internals accessible to it: that’s the Snapdragon 888 chipset and 12GB of RAM, and together they create an interesting group. There’s likewise 5G obviously.

In the Geekbench 5 benchmark test, the multi-center score we found was 3,606, which is quite high, losing just to the OnePlus 9 (3,654) and Asus ROG Phone 5 (3,732). Abnormally, however, when we put the telephone through similar tests in its ‘Game Space’ mode which quiets warnings and spotlights the preparing power on the game, the score was perceptibly lower at 3,196.

This lower benchmark score wasn’t reflected in our encounters utilizing Game Space, as gaming was incredible. Illustrations consistently defaulted to their most elevated setting, we didn’t encounter slack, and titles stacked quickly.

One little irritation: when utilizing Game Space, the telephone’s inner fan turns on, coming about in an unending whimpering sound which truly drove us insane. You can wind down this, yet the telephone warms up incredibly rapidly accordingly. Your two alternatives are to purchase an outer fan to cut on the back, which keeps the telephone super cold, or simply plug in earphones to disregard the sound.

Two things that made gaming especially extraordinary are ones we’ve effectively covered: the high screen revive rate and contact input rate, which causes games to feel very responsive, and the two haptic triggers which, as we recently expressed, could be awesome on a gaming telephone. They’re not difficult to reach, give fulfilling thunders when you use them well, and have no recognizable deferral between being squeezed and working.

We should call attention to, however, that PUBG Mobile just wouldn’t stack on the telephone, for an explanation we were unable to understand or fix. This put down our testing measures, as it’s a decent analyzer game.

The telephone has double forward-looking speakers, and we thought that they are good for a reason, giving the nearest thing to encompass sound you can get on versatile, and sufficiently playing game sound.


The Red Magic 6 runs Android 11, with the Red enchantment 4 UI laid over the best, a skin that predominantly changes the manner in which Android looks.

In Redmagic 4, home screen symbols are huge and rakish, which makes the application cabinet particularly look rather scary – as that language infers, we don’t care for the plan of the UI, however that is absolutely abstract.
One sure is that the swipe-down fast settings menu has undeniably a greater number of choices than on most different telephones, with alternatives like backdrop illumination, fan use, screen revive rate, and Nubia’s record invigorate highlight added to the usuals like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and versatile information.

In the event that you flick the Game Space slider, you’re brought into the telephone’s devoted gaming mode which spotlights preparing on the game, quiets warnings (assuming you need it to), and allows you to dole out trigger controls. These modes are valuable for devoted gamers for their additional capacities.

We tracked down an expansive wrap of irritating programming bugs which damaged our involvement in the telephone. A portion of these effectively influenced usefulness; when games were shut, they’d regularly continue to play their sound for some time, with no evident method to stop it. Some were simply senseless like the reality ‘charging’ was incorrectly spelled as ‘charing’ when a charger was connected.

Battery life:

We were for the most part satisfied with the Nubia Red Magic 6’s battery life, as we thought that it is handily kept going us daily – when we were playing heaps of games, it was a more tight call, yet we still never wound up controlling up the telephone in the evening.

It’s a 5,050mAh battery that we need to thank for this – that is genuinely huge for a cell phone, even a gaming one (as those will in general have greater battery packs).

Charging is done at 66W – Nubia says that, at this speed, the battery will go from void to full shortly, and from our testing, we’d agree. You may have heard that the Red Magic 6 has 120W charging, which would appear to beat this, however, that is just evident in China – global renditions of the Pro model additionally top out at 66W.

There’s no remote or converse remote charging here, yet those two provisions aren’t normal (or, ostensibly, valuable) for gaming telephones, as you can’t utilize remote fueling while at the same time gaming.


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