Oppo A12 CPH2083 FRP Bypass Without Dongle

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Oppo A12 CPH2083 FRP Bypass Without Dongle and Box:

Hello Everyone! Today I will share with you unlocking information about Oppo Mobiles. I will show you how you can do Oppo A12 CPH2083 FRP Bypass. You can also unlock the other Oppo models with the same method.

Oppo A12 CPH2083 has a Mediatek processor. Removing the FRP lock on any MediaTek device is not very difficult. you can remove frp lock on any MediaTek device just in a minute. You just have to know the process.

Oppo A12 CPH2083 FRP Bypass Process:

Removing the frp lock on the Oppo A12 mobile is very easy. You just have to follow my instructions. First of all, download the Unlocking Tool from down below link and extract it. After that launch the tool.

After launching the tool you have to select “Oppo”. You don’t have to select the model’s name. After that select “FRP Bypass (All MTK)” And click “Start”. Now you just have to turn off your mobile and press both volume keys and connect it to your PC.

The process will start. Now you have to wait for the process to complete and after that, you can disconnect your mobile from your PC. Your mobile will restart automatically if not then turn it ON manually. That’s it. After turning on your mobile you will see that frp is successfully bypassed.

Oppo A12 FRP Bypass Process Detail:

1.Turn Off Phone
2.Hold VOL+ And VOL- Then Insert Usb Cable
3.Phone must have battery inside!
Waiting For Device …..

Device -Found
CPU -MT6765(Helio P35/G35)
HW version -0x0
WDT -0x10007000
Uart -0x11002000
Brom payload addr -0x100a00
DA payload addr -0x201000
CQ_DMA addr -0x10212000
Var1: -0x25

Disabling Watchdog.. -OK
HW code -0x766
Target config -0xe5
SBC enabled -True
SLA enabled -False
DAA enabled -True
SWJTAG enabled -True
Root cert required -False
Mem read auth -True
Mem write auth -True
Cmd 0xC8 blocked -True
HW subcode -0x8a00
HW Ver -0xca00
SW Ver -0x0
ME_ID -AEA2C220D3679731786EAC34AAD0E633
Auth Bypass -OK

Device -Found

Device Protected -OK

BROM mode -Connected
Successfully received DA -OK

Sending EMI data -OK

Uploading stage 2 -Done

Successfully stage 2 -OK
EMMC FWVer -0x0
EMMC ID – hB8aP>
CID -90014a68423861503e0335eb58599679
EMMC Boot1 Size – 0x400000
EMMC Boot2 Size – 0x400000
EMMC GP1 Size – 0x0
EMMC GP2 Size – 0x0
EMMC GP3 Size – 0x0
EMMC GP4 Size – 0x0
EMMC RPMB Size -0x1000000
EMMC USER Size -0x747c00000
DA-CODE – 0x666D0
DA Extensions successfully -OK

Formatting Data – OK

I also uploaded a video on my Youtube channel. In that video, I explain how you can remove the FRP lock on the Oppo A12 mobile. I will add that video link also down below. Watch that video for a better understanding. You can also visit my Youtube channel here::: Afridi Tech

Click here to watch the Youtube video

Wait for the timer to get the Unlocking Tool

You have to wait 50 seconds.

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