Readme Note 9C FRP Bypass And Hard Reset

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9C FRP Bypass And Hard Reset | Redmi M2006C3MG FRP Bypass CM2

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Readme Note 9C FRP Bypass:

Hello friends! Today I will teach you how you can do Hard Reset and FRP Bypass of your Xiaomi Redmi Note 9C very easily. With just simple steps you will be able to remove FRP and do Hard Reset.
For this method, we will use Infinity Dongle CM2MT2.
First of all, Connect your Infinity Dongle CM2 to your PC, and after that Run CM2MT2 Setup,
Now in “Work Mode (Model/Base/CPU)” Select “Xiaomi” and “Helio [G70][G80]”.
After that go to the “service area” and select “Smart Reset”.
Now Click on “Format FS / Reset Settings.

Note: It will delete everything from your mobile.

The process will start, now you just have to wait for the process to complete.
After completing the process your mobile will restart by itself if not then you have to Turn On your Mobile and now you can use your Mobile.
That’s it

I also linked a video from my YouTube Channel, in that video I did this all process.
Watch that video carefully, watch it fully, and don’t skip it for better understanding.
You can also check out my YouTube channel for more interesting and unlocking videos.
My YouTube Channel link is: Click Here


Readme Note 9C FRP Bypass And Hard Reset:

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