How To Remove Yellow Background From Google Adsense Ads

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Remove Yellow Background From Google Adsense Ads:

Hello everyone! Today I will show you how to remove the yellow background from AdSense ads on your WordPress website. Whenever we create a website we need to approve it from google Adsense and after the approval, we have to use the google AdSense ads codes on our website for earning.

We always need an excellent background on our website however times it’s too much looking bad if you have the yellow background of your AdSense ads. In this article, I will show you how we can fix that problem and remove the yellow background from all google Adsense ads just in seconds.

The process is very simple and easy you just have to follow my instructions. The process starts from here:::
First of all, download the down below file and save it to your pc. After that go to the download folder on your pc and you will see the downloaded file there.

Now you have to extract it and after that, you will see a Notepad file. Open that and copy the code.
After that go to your website and click on the customize option.

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By doing this you will be redirected to the customization menu. Now go down and there you will see the “Additional CSS” option. Click on “Additional CSS” option.

Capture1 File FRP Bypass

After that paste the code that you copied before from the downloaded file and click on the “Publish” button and that’s it.

Capture2 File FRP Bypass

Now close the window and open your website in a new window and you will see that there is no yellow background for your Google AdSense ads.
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You have to wait 50 seconds.

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