Samsung Grand Prime Plus J250f FRP Bypass without PC

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Samsung Grand Prime Plus J250f FRP Bypass:

Today I will share with you how you can bypass or remove Samsung Grand Prime Plus J250f FRP (Factory Reset protection) Also Known by Google Account in the easiest way.
Samsung Grand prime plus has different android versions example Android 6, Android 7, and Andriod 8.
The Method I m going to show you will work on all kinds of android versions.
First of all turn on your Samsung grand prime plus and connect with wifi.
After that go back to the main screen again and press the home button 3 times.
By doing this Talkback will enable.
Now swipe your finger on your mobile screen in an “L” shape.
A new window will appear.
Double Tap on TalkBack settings.
For more check the video down below for a better understanding.
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