Samsung J5 6 (J510) FRP Bypass without PC

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Samsung J5 6 (J510) FRP Bypass:

Today I will share with you how we can remove the google account lock from our Samsung J5 6 also known as J5 2016 and J510.
There are many ways to remove the google account lock from Samsung J5 2016 but I will share with you the easiest way and also without a PC.
After resetting out Samsung or any android mobile we mostly face a google account lock, if we remember the google account then we can bypass that step easily but if we do not remember that then we have to bypass that.

Let’s start:

First of all, turn on your mobile and connect to your wifi.
After that press the home button 3 times.
It will turn on talkback on your mobile.
Now you have to swipe your finger on the mobile screen in an “L” shape.
A new window will open, Now double tab on TalkBack Setting.
After that Press Both volume buttons for almost 20 seconds to turn off TalkBack.
Now watch the video down below and follow my steps.
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