Zong 4G Bolt Plus MF25 Unlock | B14 And B15 for all Network SIM

Zong 4G Bolt Plus MF25 Unlock | B14 And B15 for all Network SIM

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Zong 4G Bolt Plus MF25 Unlock:

Today I will share with you some good news about Zong 4G Bolt Plus WIFI Device.
Zong 4G Bolt plus is a WIFI device, Which is launched by Zong Telecom Company.
Zong 4G Bolt plus WIFI device is the fastest internet device in Pakistan.
There are many WIFI devices but Zong 4G bolt plus is the most famous and awesome device among them.
Here in Pakistan, everyone likes to use Zong WIFI Device.
Zong WIFI device speed is up to 150 Mpbs.
You can connect 16 Mobiles and Tablets at a time.
Zong WIFI device battery is 2300 MAH.
If you charge your device 100% it will work for the next 6 hours.
There are some Lights, for signals, for battery, and for WIFI status.
Zong 4G bolt plus WIFI device price in Pakistan is just 3600 Rupes.

How To Unlock:

If you buy a Zong Wifi device at that time you can use only Zong Network SIM.
But after unlocking you can use any Network SIM.
Unlocking the Zong 4G bolt plus WIFI device is too much easy you just have to follow my instructions.
First of all, click on the below link and save the file to your PC.
After that extract it.
While extracting it will ask for a password.
Just contact me on my WhatsApp I will give it to you without any charges.
You just have to Subscribe to My YouTube Channel.
After extracting you will see 3 folders, Drivers, Unlock File, and IMEI Repair.
You need to off your Antivirus before you start this process.
First of all, open the Drivers folder and Install all drivers.
After that Take your Zong WIFI device and remove the battery.
You will see 2 test points with MMC Jack.
Just joint that 2 Points with anything and connect the cable to Your WIFI.
Now go to Device Manager on your computer and check for the Port. (com9, com8, com3, etc).
Now Run Unlock file.
The process will start and it will take Lil bit of time after that it will show a message, “Press any key”.
Just press and key from your PC keyboard.
After that, it will show a message again “Waiting for Device”.
This time you have to remove the joints from your WIFI and insert the battery.
And press Both buttons at the same time. (Power button and 1 more button on side area).
By doing this your WIFI will reboot into Boot Mode. Here
Now connect the cable again.
The process will start again. Now you just have to wait for the process to complete.
After completing the process your WIFI will Restart automatically.
Your WIFI is unlocked now and you can use any network SIM on your WIFI.
Enjoy Unlocking.
If you want to repair your WIFI IMEI, just message me or comment below, I will write a detailed article on that also.
Hope you like this article.
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