Zong MF25 B14 And B15 Unlock for all Network SIM

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Zong MF25 B14 And B15 Unlock:

Hello Everyone! Today I will share with you great information about Zong Wifi devices Especially Zong MF25. I will Provide you a great unlock file for Zong MF25 B14 And B15 versions.

After getting Zong MF25 (Wifi Device) You are able to use only the zong sim inside but after getting unlock file from our website, you will be able to use your zong mf25 wifi device for all network sims.

You have to flash your Zong wifi device with this unlocking file and after that, you can use any network sim inside it.
There are hundreds of unlocking files available for zong wifi devices but most of them are fake and some of them are paid files, You have to pay them and after that, they will provide you the RAR Password.

Here on this page, you will get the unlocking file for Zaong MF25 for free, You don’t need to pay and also you don’t need any activation and registration.


How to download:

Just click on the down below link and save the Zong MF25 unlocking file into your PC, After that extract it and after extarcting, you will be able to use it and unlock your wifi device.

How to Unlock Zong MF25:

Open the extracted folder, You will see 3 folders there,
First, install the drivers, the Second folder will allow you to repair your Zomg wifi device IMEI, And 3rd folder will help you to unlock your Zong wifi for all network SIMs.

Just launch the unlock file and a new page will open, and it will ask for PORT NO.

Now take ur Zong MF25 wifi and remove the battery, You will see two test points near to EMMC jacket. Joint these two test points with each other and then insert a USB cable.

After that go to Device Manager on your PC and check the Port No and memorize it.
After that go to the unlock file page that you launch before and type the Port No that you saw before in Device manager and after that hit Enter button on your Keyboard.

Some processes will start, follow the instruction if asking for anything.
At last, it will show a msg Waiting for Device.
Now you have to remove the USB cable from your wifi and insert the Battery into your wifi. After that press the WPS and power button together, By doing this your wifi will reboot into Boot Mode and the process will start automatically.
Now you just have to wait for the process to complete and after completing the process your wifi will reboot in Normal Mode.
That’s it, Now you can use any network SIM, Hope this article helps you.
Thanks to be here.
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